Disability Law Deskbook gives you complete, one-stop coverage
of the purpose, provisions, and scope of the ADA and important administrative
and judicial interpretations of this sweeping law. The Deskbook is invaluable to
employers and their attorneys who are looking to develop policies and practices
to minimize ADA liability and seeking the sturdiest defenses if ADA disputes end up in court. Including numerous Tips for Practitioners, the Deskbook shows how you can:

  • set forth nondiscriminatory reasons for employers actions;
  • justify standards, criteria, tests, inquiries, and other methods of
    administration attacked by plaintiffs;
  • prove accommodations to the disabled impose undue hardship on employers;
  • establish that disabled employees pose a direct threat to the health and
    safety of the workplace;
  • defend against (and reduce) equitable awards granted plaintiffs

The Deskbook reveals how employers can minimize liability if they document good faith efforts to comply with the ADA " engage in the EEOC-sanctioned interactive process to determine reasonable accommodation for the disabled " and include indemnification clauses in contracts involving services to employees and applicants.


Summary of Chapters

  • History, Purpose and Scope of the ADA
  • Disability
  • Qualified Individual with a Disability
  • Reasonable Accommodation
  • Undue Hardship
  • Discrimination
  • Burdens of Proof Under the ADA
  • Direct Threat and Other Defenses to Discrimination
  • Medical Examinations and Inquiries
  • Alcoholism and Drug Abuse
  • Procedural Issues, Arbitration, and Remedies
  • State and Local Disability Discrimination Laws
  • Relationship of ADA to Workers Compensation, the National Labor Relations
    Act, and the Family and Medical Leave Act



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